Admission and procedure of our counseling

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Structure and the commencement of the therapy

  • Upon the physical arrival of the client, diagnosis shall be made to the problem(s) faced by the client.
  • Using the input from the diagnosis,counseling structure shall be devised that is pertinent to the client.
  • The structure layout detailed-breakdown of problems along with their respective solutions and counseling goals.
  • The client(s) shall pay the service chage at once and counseling service shall be started to rendered based on the structure.
  • Therapy shall be terminated following the completion of the assigned sessions and or the recovey of the client(s).
  •  It also entails the amount of sessions needed to alleviate the problem at hand discovered via the diagnosis.
  • Formal counseling shall be resumed up the signing of the counseling contact agreement between the client and Redsha.
    Termination of the counseling
  •  Clients get terminated following successful completion of all structured sessions and
    effective recovery from their psychological problems.