Motivation and work ethic

The owner of a large chain of restaurant is tired of hiring people who do not show initiative and do only the bare minimum.  Too many workers don’t show pride in their job and feel no loyalty to their employer beyond their paycheck.   The owner knows that if she hires too many people who think that way, she will be out of business soon.  In a competitive market, she needs her staff to give more energy and thought to their work and responsibilities.  She wants to hire people who are not content to just get by.

This business owner is right to be concerned about the costs of hiring the wrong people. Interviews and most screening tools often don’t predict how a person will actually work once they start the job.  Turnover is high when workers are not engaged. Wouldn’t this chain benefit by prescreening employees to filter out candidates who lack the habits of mind that will dispose them to work hard and work well?

NSIGHT Solution:

The business owner decides to start making hiring decisions based on objective and reliable facts.  A measurement plan is implemented using INSIGHT Assessment Solutions for Business Success.

In Phase One, all prospective store hires are required to meet specific standards in the core job competencies measured by INSIGHT business assessments INSIGHT Business Staff and INSIGHT Support both provide strength indicators for nine habits of mind that motivate productive workers.  In this case, two characteristics are particularly important to this business owner:

  • Desire to Work: The Desire to Work Indicator is a positive indicator of potential employment longevity and productivity.  Higher scores indicate employees who will be engaged, eager to work and who will define themselves by the work they are doing. They will tend to focus their energy on their work.
  • Dependability: The Dependability Indicator assesses an employee’s motivation to complete assigned tasks and take pride in the accomplishment of work assignments. Higher scores show a strong work ethic and attention to the demands of an assignment. These employees demonstrate a sense of responsibility to their coworkers or to the success of their team.

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